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Welcome to Little Ox Brewery

Little Ox is bedded down in the Oxfordshire village of Freeland and uses a 10 barrel brewing system which has been lovingly brought back to life from its previous owner in Northumberland.

The venture is the dream of Head brewer Ian Hemingway who has a history of home brewing spanning over thirty years. Inspired by the availability of new hop varieties and affordable equipment he decided to join the growing number of enthusiasts turning their passion into a commercial operation. Ian hopes a background in science teamed with other skills picked up from jobs in plumbing and marketing will transfer well to the brewing industry.

Our Beers

Our Wipeout Beer



‘Wipeout’ is a zesty 4.2% American style pale with copious amounts of US west coast hops and a pale malt base. Available in cask and 500ml bottles.


Our 'Odd Bod' Beer


‘Odd Bod’ is a 4% premium bitter with a good malty base and showcases a good hit of English and Slovenian hops for a balanced bitter finish


Our 'Filthy Rich' beer

Filthy Rich

Completing the initial line up is a smooth dark Porter called ‘Filthy Rich’ which is full of chocolate and coffee notes and comes in at 4.5% ABV