A passion for our beer to be not just good, but great, is what brought our small team together. A team with its eyes set firmly on making the best beer around. We are progressive, independent and focussed on flavour.

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Local Beer Delivery – How it works

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Thank you for your continued support and the great things you are saying about our beer!

2 Litre Bottle

With everything as it is right now our bottle stock, not our beer is getting low and we ask our lovely near-by locals to purchase our 2 litre bottles if possible. If you live approximately 15 miles from our brewery, please try the 2 litre bottles.

Available in 2 litre
Available in 2 litre
Available in 2 litre

Delivered to your door in peak condition

We ship all beer direct from our cold store;  orders are dispatched Monday to Thursday with FREE delivery to make sure you receive your beer in the best possible condition. Orders placed after 10am on Thursday will be dispatched the following Monday.
For orders of 24 or over, please use the discount code 24Discount for a 10% discount!
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Our Beer

Whatever it is we produce, be it modern cask or out there keg we are aiming to impress, even if it’s only ourselves!

All our beer unless expressly stated is gluten free and vegan.  We run a small core range, a larger number of recurring beers, and have a ridiculous list of one off beers on our to-do-list. All this beery goodness is available for anyone to buy direct from us by the bottle, can or barrel, simply go to our web-shop and see what we have in stock.

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